London Walking Tour

This afternoon, I went on a walking tour in London. I almost always go on walking tours when I’m travelling internationally but I have never done one on home soil. Until now. So why now?

Well, there are reasons. I am in week 1 of 8 of my career change course and one of my missions for the week was to do something. That’s right, I had to do something. Oh wait, and yeah there were 2 conditions:

  1. Something fun that I enjoy
  2. Something that is not part of my everyday life

That’s it. Simple. So doing a London walking tour was pretty much the first thing idea that popped into my head. A little bit of internet searching later, I stumbled upon this walking tour via the Funzing website. Booked it late on Saturday night for a midday Sunday start and all of a sudden I was up and running with the course.

This mission also met the criteria of giving myself the opportunity to meet people, so a tick in the box there as well.

So, was it any good? Yes! Yes, it was. I really enjoyed it. And why wouldn’t I? There were only 4 of us on the tour and the guide, Katie, was super enthusiastic and really knew her stuff about the city of London. We went to places I’d not been before and didn’t know existed. Or places I’d heard of but didn’t know where they were. Little alleyways, easy-to-miss symbols on buildings, St. Paul’s Cathedral stories, and tales (of course) of death.

Guildhall Yard. Also the site of a former Roman amphitheatre.

It felt great to be walking around my city, backpack on, camera in hand, in full on tourist mode. The 90 minutes flew by and it left me feeling that this is something I will 100% do again. There are many different types of London walking tour and this is a fascinating city that I’d love to know more about.

As for how this plays into my career change, I don’t yet really know. All I know is that I’ve been told to “trust the process” and so I did not stop to question how doing something like this was going to help me. I just threw myself into it and picked something I enjoy that I don’t normally/ever do. It’s an attitude I want to adopt for all of the future missions, however uncomfortable they might make me feel. And I suspect there will be some that do just that.


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